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Monday, April 25, 2011

Back to Life

I wish I had a better excuse for not posting all week since we got back from Arizona, but I have none. Last weekend was the Black Keys concert in Arizona and it was SO amazing!

We left early Thursday morning (well, early for us!), with an egg mcmuffin in hand. Thanks to a huuuge Diet Coke (guilty), it took us an hour longer than normal to get up to Mesa, but once there, we quickly checked into our hotel. I changed into some jeans and Boyfriend into shorts, and we headed out to the amplitheater to watch the show!

We got to the theater around 3:30, when the concert started at 6:30. I thought that was so early but since the theater is in a residential area, I guess it all had to shut down by 10:00. It was actually pretty nice to get out of there!

Anyway, thanks to us being there pretty early, we had our pick of seats, so of course Boyfriend wanted to stand right up front against the rails. You can see by our picture that we were so close to the stage, I could reach out and touch the security guards and the singers when they ran around the stage!

Cage the Elephant opened for the Black Keys and they were so great. The lead singer is especially adorable. He reminds me of my friend Mikey... always moving and dancing around. I don't like screaming music, but I really liked this band.

The openers for the openers were the Stone Foxes out of San Francisco. The lead singer could really play a harmonica! It was a great band to open up to!

And I loved their name!

The stadium filled slowly but surely. By halfway through the concert, the theater was this filled:

See all the people behind us?

It was such a great night. Since we got there so early, we got a great parking spot and were able to zip out of the lot before most people had even gotten to their cars!

And where did we go?

IN 'N OUT, of course! I think we ate it four different times in three days. It was super convenient (right down the street from our hotel), cheap, and delicious.

The next day, we swam around for a while at the hotel, then went shopping! Our little town doesn't have a very big mall, so it was a definite pleasure to have several huge malls and all the stores I wanted to shop at.

It was definitely a great trip and it got us thinking... I love our small hometown, but could a bigger city be in our future?

Time will tell! :o)

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