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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Broke and the Boring

It's Friday night and so far, I've spent the past thirty minutes listening to the people walk around the courtyard outside of my balcony while flirting. It's actually pretty interesting... she'll giggle, he'll say something trying to look cool, and I'll wince and attempt to keep Shadow from lunging off my second floor balcony in an attempt to protect me.

there he goes... vicious, vicious dog :o)

Being broke is the least fun thing in the world. I thought once I got out into the real world, I would be making bank and have all kinds of freedoms... lots of shopping, all the manicures I want, eating out with my friends, happy hours...

NOT TRUE. More money and more freedom also introduces me into the scary world of "more responsibility". I have my own apartment (cha-ching), I have a cute Scion TC to take me over the mountains to work (cha-ching!), I have utilities so I can shower, eat, and see (chaaaaa....ching!), and I have a dog that went through the worst four months of any puppy's first six months of existence (two parasites, distemper, worms, and a ruptured back disc... all resulting in CHA-CHING!). Now, I'm sitting at home trying to see if I have enough money to go with my friend danielle to a hotel bar for a dance/booze night.

While I might not have money to actually have friends, Boyfriend pays for Netflix, which allows me to pretend like I have friends by watching The Hills over and over until Lauren, Audrina, and Whitney seem like honest, real-life people that might swing by to take part in my exciting night of listening to two people attempt an awkward hookup outside of my apartment. <----- longest run on sentence ever? I had a point to make.

Also, on a side note, I just heard the Sean Kingston song "Take you There" on The Hills and there were lyrics that go, "We can go to the slums, where killers get hung, shorty I can take you there". Is that supposed to be a proposition for something desirable? I do not, ever, want to go to the slums to see men that got hung (which is improper grammar, because the past tense of "hang" is "hanged" no matter how grammatically incorrect that sounds). Unless... he knows more about grammar than I thought and really is talking about hung men. You know. You know. Dirty.

I wish I had more to say so that this post doesn't end with me talking about men being hung, but I'm boring and broke. Awesome. Enjoy your night. I know I will, at least until the two people outside head inside to someone's apartment to shack for the night and I lose all of my entertainment except for an old episode of the Hills.

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