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Friday, February 4, 2011

Wicked, Busted Pipes, Snow

Today was the first day back to the real world after a nice two-day snow break in the middle of the week. While I really loved having that break, it was actually kind of nice to get back to work. I thought I'd have a lot to do but since everyone was snowed in on Wednesday and Thursday, almost nobody had their monthly reports done, so I was left with little to do.

Things quickly perked up when Boyfriend called with some news.
"We have a leak."
"A what?
"A leak. In the master bathroom."
Panic panic panic. "Uh... uh... okay. okay! what do i do first?"
"I already called. They're here, fixing the pipes. But we have a three-foot hole in our roof."
Thank God for Boyfriend taking care of things for me!

Then, a few hours later...
"We have another leak."
"Took care of it. They're here. But they might have to re-pipe our bathroom." Which would take FOREVER!

Plus we're going out of town this weeked to Albuquerque to see Wicked! I'm so so so excited. I've been looking forward to this since I got the tickets back in October!

Just as long as my apartment pipes don't bust, I'll be there with bells on. If I have to miss this due to a flooded apartment, I will be so mad.

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