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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Here, Safe and Sound

Last week, Josh and I loaded up the car with our last minute items and the pups, and headed off! Our first few hours were uneventful: I am an Audible user (love it!) and I had downloaded 11/22/63 by Stephen King for our trip. It's a really, really long book, which was perfect for our 22 hour drive!

We took a break in Van Horn, Texas, and after some lunch, we headed to a park to let the dogs run around. What we found instead was a baseball field... where someone had dropped off their four horses to hang out!

We took the dogs over to visit, and two horses immediately came over to see who we were and what we were doing. Shadow was equally interested. He whined a little, and then licked one of the horses across the nose. :) He's the sweetest dog.

Not pictured is Khaleesi, who was pretty sure she could take on these horses, and was growling from behind Josh's legs. Crazy little face.

Our first night was Abilene, TX, where we curled up in our bed, ordered pizza, and spend the first full night letting the dogs out to pee every two hours because they were so confused. We had a dog door in our previous house, so Khaleesi was really confused about the whole "peeing outside on a leash" situation. We had Shadow in an apartment (when we thought he would be a little dog, per the vet's guess as a puppy), so he was used to it.

The second day took us from Abilene to Shreveport, Louisiana! It was such a fun little town. We stayed in a really fun place downtown called the Remington Suite and Spa- it was really fancy, but equally dog-friendly, which is kind of hard to find. The prices were not bad either, considering the nice rooms!

In Louisiana, the dogs also got to meet ducks and geese. The verdict? Liked the ducks, hated the geese. (Me too, little faces)

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