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Friday, February 19, 2016


The entire time I've been in Georgia, I've been dreaming about one thing.


Okay, Josh, too. He is pretty dreamy.

But chile! Spicy food! Mexican food! My love!

That sounds a little dramatic, but coming from eating Mexican every few days to not having it at all has been pretty weird. I miss it so much that I would send random lists of restaurants I craved to Josh.

The list usually included El Sombrero, La Posta, Santa Fe Grill burritos. Nopalitos. Sadie's salsa. Caliches.

I better stop or I'll get hungry again.

Before we leave on Sunday, I've been stocking up on chile like a little Hispanic squirrel. I've already promised green chile to many, many of my new coworkers, and I'm excited to introduce them to the best vegetable known to man. Any tips or recipes?

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