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Monday, March 30, 2015

March Days

It has been so nice and warm here in New Mexico these days! I am such a warm-weather lover, so this 80-90 degree weather is just amazing for me. I'm even looking forward to the weather hitting 95 to 100 degrees!

Last November, we went to Seattle with Josh's mom (my MIL), and we had the very best time! We ate all kinds of seafood (especially salmon!) and spent a lot of time in a beautiful place. My MIL travels a LOT for work, and lives six hours from us, so the uninterrupted quality time was incredible. We had such a good time that this year, our family vacation plan is to head to sunny Oceanside, California!

Josh grew up going to Oceanside with his grandparents, so he has a lot of fond memories of the place, the beach and the pier. We're spending a week in August at a condo on the beach, and I am so excited! I guess it's just time to focus on eating healthy again so I can be more comfortable in my bathing suit, since I plan on being on the beach the entire week long :)

Ugh, I guess I better get back to homework. Be back soon!

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