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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Florida Part 3

 Our second day of Harry Potter Land started very much like the first, with a quick ride on the dragon challenge and the hulk. We rushed over to Diagon Alley only to find the Gringotts ride closed! It remained that way the rest of the day, though we checked back often just in case.

Instead, we busied ourselves with the Mummy Returns and Transformers, which I will remember forever because we were so tired and complain-y the whole wait! But the ride itself was awesome, one of the best simulator rides. 

We also are pretty good pizza and hung out in Diagon Alley, shopping and drinking Butterbeer.

And we rode the Hogwarts Express back to Hogsmeade, which was awesome and included Dementors!

And then, being hot as hell, we rode the Jurassic Park water ride and got appropriately soaked!

Here's the problem: on Thursday, our first day, we were at the park open to close, roughly 12 hours. That was rough. We were not prepared. Side story: after our first ride on the Hulk, Jess had to find bandaids for a blister and Ky was sick (not from the ride, just exhaustion I think), plus I needed a bandaid. After the FIRST RIDE. We were broken.

Still, we toughed it out until almost five, when nachos and drinks called our names.

Saturday was our flight home :( but we couldn't stand the idea of leaving without riding the Gringotts ride! So we woke up early, used the last day of our passes (when we bought them, they were buy two days get one day free, so we got three days just in case, and thank goodness!), and went straight there! It was a long wait, with lots of rooms and waiting areas, but such a fun ride.

Then we took a quick ride on the Hogwarts express back to Hogsmeade.

Then we made the choice to finish out with our favorite: the dragon challenge, ending with a wait to ride in the very front, which is SO AWESOME. I never understood why people waited for the front but now I do. It was so awesome.

Then, straight to the airport for Jess and Ky :( and straight to food for us!

Josh had one request: to try alligator. On our last hour, we fulfilled it. 

It tastes like chicken-fish. Definitely a water creature. I had a yellowfin tuna sandwich and he ordered catfish for our lunch, and finished with some true Florida key lime pie.

Then, just like that, our weekend was over :( next post, I'll recap my tips for HPL and the souvenirs we bought!

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