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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last Weekend

So I promised to update yesterday about last weekend... but I somehow got caught in that paradoxical situation wherein you have nothing stopping you from completing a task, yet you somehow can find ways to avoid doing it (by watching teen mom and eating watermelon).

So here I am, a day late and a dollar short, to update on this past weekend.

Friday, Boyfriend and I did nothing. We got up and did some P90X (which is a horrible, satanic way to ruin your life... in workout form), which Boyfriend rocked and I barely handled. Then we ate and hung out and watched Miracle, the movie about the 1980 hockey team that beat the russians for the gold medal in the Olympics ("do you believe in miracles... YES!" that part always gets me).

**side note on Miracle... two of my three favorite movies are Miracle and D2: The Mighty Ducks, both of which are hockey movies. When people hear this, they automatically go, "Oh, you like hockey?". My reply is a blank stare and... "no". I've yet to actually watch a real hockey game... but I love fictional hockey games on movies! Woo! My best friend Val has the same issue.

Friday night I went out with my friends, Val and Trish, to celebrate Trish's last week in the big LC before she heads out to West Chester University in Pennsylvania for grad school. We went out to eat and then went to our favorite college bar Dublins for some good old times....

(if the good old times consisted of me getting hit on by men that are missing one tooth and openly admit that they just got a DUI but are somehow drinking at a bar...)

But it was fun to hang out with Trish and laugh for a few hours before I got the text that...

Blairre, my dear friend, went into labor with her first child, a little boy named John Carson (John after her husband)! She sent pictures of the baby and he honestly looks like a toddler... he was 9 lbs 9 oz and over 22 inches long. The nurses were like, "well, if your husband's busy, your son can drive you home!" lol!

She was in labor for a loooooong time, so Boyfriend and I dropped off a flower arrangement to let her know we were thinking of her and that we couldn't wait to meet Carson. Then we ate Wendy's frostys and chicken nuggets :o)

Sunday... I don't even want to talk about Sunday. We watched the women final World Cup match... and I don't even want to discuss it.

And we went bowling with Boyfriend's family! I was awful! I bowled like, a 34 in my first game. I'm not usually that bad but I got nervous, I think. I did better toward the end of the game but it was awful for a while.

And now, Shadow is begging for some attention. I just bought him a new toy: he is so spoiled. He probably has over a dozen plush toys, plus a chew bone and a pig ear treat that he just loves. But he takes such good care of his toys that I don't mind buying him a lot. The stuffing literally has to be falling out before he'll start tearing the toy apart, and even then, he'll usually just pick out all of the stuffing and keep carrying around the "skin", sleeping next to it and tossing it into the air to play with. He's so cute. I love him so very much.

Vegas next week! Can't wait!

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