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Monday, July 18, 2011

The End of the Summer? Already?

I've been really working on getting back in shape after what I call the "boyfriend weight". Once I started dating Boyfriend, we ate super yummy, super bad-for-you foods. I had probably had McDonalds twice in the past three years before dating Boyfriend... then it was a couple times a month! And McDonalds french fries are my absolute favorite food and I have zero self-control when it comes to those little golden calorie sticks.

Today, I did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred (so exhausting! But a great workout) and collapsed on the floor once I was finished, attempting a half-hearted stretch by going into the splits. Shadow snuck up to me with his ears down (He knows not to bug us when we're working out) and licked my face for a few minutes before settling in right in the space between my legs. He curled up like he was about to go to sleep and laid his head on one leg and let his tail slip right over the other. I was exhausted and tired and with Shadow's cuddling, my heart melted and everything was better! :o)

Boyfriend and I head to Las Vegas in just about a week! I can't believe it's already here! When we booked the trip, it was early April and the end of July felt soooo far away, especially when we had three trips in between (to see Kevin Hart's comedy show, to see The Black Keys, and to see a Diamondback game!). But next Wednesday, we're heading to Las Vegas to see Tournament of Kings (Wednesday night), to have dinner at Tender (a really nice restaurant in Luxor on Thursday), and then to have dinner at Morocco and see the Cirque d'Solei LOVE show on Friday! PLUS we are staying in  Caesar's Palace and I'm so excited. Last year, we saw the Cirque show "O" and it was so so so amazing. I'm really excited because we'll be busy but doing really fun things!

I'm trying to convince Boyfriend to take me to the aquarium but I have a bigger fascination with sharks than he, so it's an uphill battle. But I did download some free Shark Week episodes onto my iPod for inspiration... maybe that will help?

Tomorrow I'll update on my weekend: working out with Boyfriend, Trish's last weekend in Cruces, seeing Blairre's baby boy (so gorgeous), and my awful bowling game with Boyfriend's family!

Take care! Pray for me... I think I'm getting sick and it sucks!

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