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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend has been awesome so far and we're only one day in. Yesterday, Boyfriend and I spent the day playing Lego Batman on Wii (so much fun) and eating pizza. Then we took Shadow on a walk and started to get ready for a night out with our friends watching the UFC fights.

We headed to The Game (a sportsbar in my hometown) and started the evening with some beer (Blue Moon for me, Dos Equis for him) and watching the prelims. Mikey, Thomas and Thomas's sister Vanessa showed up and we had such a good time! We drank, we watched the fights, and we made plans for our Sunday Night Movie Night tonight for Hangover 2... hopefully it's funny! I've heard conflicting reviews from other friends.

Today, my parents are having a Memorial Day barbecue. They do it every year because they have a huuuuge yard, so we invite my pseudo-aunts and our family over for some food and then some charades. We're bringing Shadow over to spend time with my parents' pitbull Lula Mae.

I love summer. I thought the love for summer would fade after I got a real job and my summer vacations with nothing to do faded away, but nope. Summer is definitely my favorite season, even in super hot New Mexico. I love the bbqs, I love the heat, I love pool parties and the beautiful summer evenings (which are PERFECT in NM). I love not having to weat 4 layers if I want to go check the mail. I love summer sundresses. I love the feeling of the air conditioner and fans. I love, love love summer foods (nectarines, watermelons, cherries).

Next weekend, Boyfriend and I are heading back to Phoenix to see our favorite comedian, Kevin Hart. He is so, so hilarious and we are really excited. Phoenix is a place that we might want to end up once Boyfriend graduates and I get my masters. We love the sprawling city and all the things to do. We had thought about moving to the east coast (like Boston, my favorite city) but once we felt a hint of the cold, we 86'd that idea. Phoenix has everything we want: sports team, plenty of music shows, it's close to other cities (like LA or Vegas), and we know we can handle the heat!

You can tell we can't get enough of Phoenix because two weeks after we go to Phoenix to see Kevin, we're going back with our families. My parents, Boyfriend's parents and Boyfriend and I are going to Phoenix to see a D-Back game and enjoy a little time away from home. We're staying at a resort that I love, that might be a wedding location for us, so it's a good excuse to go and see the resort and see what our families think of the place.

THEN Boyfriend and I are heading back to Vegas for our two year anniversary in July... our relationship started in Vegas (over the phone, while I was there with Mikey, Thomas, and Val for a concert) and then we spent our one year anniversary seeing O. I love Vegas and I think it's really nice that we can go back and see our favorite things (like the lions :o)

I'm excited to have such a fun, busy summer! Question of the Day: What's your favorite vacation spot?

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