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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finding Your Passion

I'm always fascinated by people who have found their passion early in life. My passion, clearly, is writing. I've always loved to write (and read, which I think goes hand in hand with writing), and I've always known I've wanted to do something with writing. So knowing how I feel about writing, I love coming across other people that have found their own passion in life.

I think everyone has a passion; it just depends whether you've found it yet. One of my friends, Kaitlyn, has always had a passion for animals. You can see it in her eyes when she is around her dogs or even when she meets a new animal. She talks about her horse like it's a human. Other friends have passions in fashion or in art or in history, but it's always so apparent... it's when people find something that they know they can do for the rest of their lives happily. It's when it doesn't matter if you get paid, you're going to do it anyway.

I'm currently watching Grizzly Man, a documentary about a man named Tim Treadwell who loved bears so much that he spent months studying them and being around them. He did, eventually, get killed by a bear (one that he was wary of), but you can just tell by his video diaries that he loved those bears. How amazing, isn't it, that he found such a strange passion? Not strange in that bears are strange, but his passion was in being near the bears, not just studying them. He loved them.

One of my favorite things about Boyfriend is his passion for film. He knows so much about movies and movie making and he's not pretentious about it. He'll watch my silly girl movies and if he likes it, he'll say he likes it. He enjoys all types of movies, even though he is really a movie snob at heart. I love that smile he gets when he talks about Godfather II or Taxi Driver. I love how much he knows about Martin Scorsese.

On a side note... here are some quotes from Grizzly Man to end this blog. Enjoy.

(When a fox stole his hat)
"If I find that hat in your den, I'm going to F-ing explode!"
"He's guarding the tent. Do your thing."
"You're a bad bear. I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. I love you."

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