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Monday, January 12, 2015

Coming Home


It's been approximately 1.5 years since I last blogged. Hello? Is there anybody out there?

Let me see if I can update you in 100 words or less.

Marriage: awesome.

Family: awesome.

Job: Promoted to coordinator!

Husband: even more awesome :)

Dogs: Shadow is perfect. Khaleesi (our new baby) is amazing, too.

School: Hard. But still great.


In all seriousness, life is pretty good. I'm halfway through my online journalism graduate program at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) and while it kicks my rear each class, I just love love love it. I'm really trying to soak it all in. It's just such a wonderful experience and I really feel lucky to have such a great opportunity to learn so much from everyone, my classmates and professors combined. I'm studying interactive media and it is just so much fun.

I say that now, while I'm on the back end of a SIX WEEK vacation from school. Check back with me when I'm working 40+ hours a week and then coming home to 20+ hours of homework/studying to do.

I'm excited to get back into blogging. I really love to write, and I think this will be a fun place to come and just write: not for my internal communication position, or my freelance writing, or my column. Just for me. I also changed the name to Jenna Tonic, a funny pun my best friend Thomas uses based on my favorite alcoholic drink, gin and tonics. I hope this blog will be something like a gin and tonic: refreshing, light, and a little tipsy :)

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