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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wedding Recap 2: The Wedding Ceremony!

I'm a worrier by nature. I want everything to go perfectly, so I plan plan plan all the time. I spent a TON of time planning this wedding... even though we had a wedding planner (who was AMAZING), there were still. so. many. details to deal with... liiiiiike programs (building/printing), our vow choices, our ceremony procedure, our favor (little jam jars), the labels for the favors, the seating chart, the seating cards, fans for the ceremony, the centerpieces, the bouquets, the jewelry, the accessories, the "Thank You" sign, the ring box, the flower girl stuff....

Plus a lot more.

So I was worried something would go wrong. I even gave myself a little pep talk on the day of the wedding. I told myself, "You've spent a LOT of time planning this, but if something goes wrong, DO NOT PANIC. You are still marrying Josh, which is the whole reason you are here. If you marry him, today is perfect."

I was ready for any contingency. I was ready for disaster.

But our wedding, June 8, 2013, was the most perfect day of my life. Nothing went wrong. Everything was perfect. If something started to head toward disaster (two bridesmaid dresses didn't fit, my hair was falling flat due to the heat, the HEAT got crazy), something switched and God smiled on us or something, because it all got resolved (no issues with the dresses, my hair looked loose and romantic, a lovely breeze blew through).

I woke up and spent time with my immediate family before heading off to get my makeup done by the BEST makeup artist I've ever seen... I looked awesome. My mom even said I looked like a Disney princess. I think I looked more a like a Disney villain (but a really pretty one, if that makes sense! lol), but to be Disney anything is pretty awesome. Josh's aunt did my hair. Then, with all of my girls nearby, I stepped into my dress and got ready with my sister and my mom lacing me up. (Jess pulled SO hard that I had to hold onto Val's hands for support... but I looked great! Thanks, Jess!)

We took a million photos. We had our first look. We laughed as the flower girls wouldn't smile. We did the Dinosaur running photo. We hung out with our bridal party and talked about life before this moment, before the wedding. It was perfect.

Then, all of the sudden, it was 6:25 and almost time to get started. As I walked out to line up with my girls, my dad looked at me, teared up, and told me how beautiful I was. That got me crying immediately. Plus, all of my bridesmaids were already crying. I hugged each of them and told them that they were my best friends and that I was so happy they were there with me. We were all choked up.

The music started. "Marry Me" by Train played and my cousin walked out, followed by Blairre, Val, Dani and my sister, all carrying their lavender bunches. Then Camren and the twins walked down.

Then the music changed. Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles came on and my dad and I started our walk. I was trying desperately not to a) fall b) rip my dress c) sob uncontrollably.

But as soon as we turned the corner, my eyes locked on Josh and I couldn't look away. My tears dried up immediately. I was there to marry him. As long as he was there, at the end, waiting for me, everything was perfect.

The wedding went so fast. Kaitlyn read a beautiful poem. We said our vows. I cried (again). My bridesmaids all cried (I could hear them all sniffling behind me!). I could FEEL the love around us, people beaming us their good thoughts and happiness. It was the most amazing, warm, comfortable feeling I've ever had.

Then we exchanged rings. We said "I do". We were pronounced man and wife and Josh kissed me. Then, the music started. Burning Love, by Elvis, and as we walked down, I felt exactly what I had wanted to feel when I picked that song for our recessional. Incredible happiness, so much love for Josh, and a readiness to have FUN for the rest of the night. On the way out, I high-fived my mom in what was I think everyone's favorite moment of the wedding lol :o)

A few more photos followed and then... it was party time. :o)

More on that later!

Here are some unprofessional pics from family and friends... I'll post the professional ones soon!

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