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Monday, April 1, 2013

Wedding Update

So it's been a while since I mentioned the wedding on this blog, but it is coming up SO SOON. I can't BELIEVE today is already the first of April. In just two months, I will be getting married to my love and my best friend! I'm SO EXCITED!

Well, let me take that back a little. I am not excited to plan. I actually do NOT like wedding planning. There are so so so many details to think of and coordinate and confirm. And with the addition of Pinterest ideas, I feel like there is always something I could be doing to make the wedding bigger or better. But I keep reminding myself that this is a party for us, a celebration of this new life we are choosing together and a celebration of the commitment we are making, and that if all else fails, as long as I end up married, it was a success. Plus, people won't remember the centerpieces. Hopefully. Lol! :o)

I got a lot done already... we just need to fine-tune everything. We need to finish the favors, figure out bouquets/centerpieces, and then I need to figure out what kind of hairdo I want (although this should be easy... Fiance's fabulous aunt is doing my hair so that will be super helpful and we are doing a hair trial soon) and then book someone to do my makeup that day. Other than that... most everything else is figured out!

Two months to go! :o)

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