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Monday, February 2, 2015


So this weekend, my family got together (all of us) for the first time in years to celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday at a surprise reunion in a resort outside Albuquerque. To say she was surprised was an understatement! 

We spent the weekend eating, drinking, shopping and playing chess in the lobby of our resort, and it was amazing. Growing up, my grandpa (who passed away in 2008) hosted week-long family reunions in places like Branson, Miami, Galveston, Montana and Arkansas. Because my mom's brothers are spread out from us (in Texas and Florida), this was often my only chance to see my cousins, and I loved it! This year we were a bigger group than ever, as three significant others joined us (Josh, Ky and Allie), but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone more often. 

We got some photos done, so I'll finish with those:

I just love them!

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